Monday, July 18, 2011

January 19, 1998 • Part II • Abortion


T told me a few weeks ago that she was pregnant and was all happy but sad.

Then she told me last week that she was going to have an abortion and her mom was going to bring her and the father supported her because she just doesn't feel she can take care of a baby when she can barely take care of herself. Those were her exact words.

Then she called me up tonight and was crying and upset because her mother had called her up and said she didn't want to be her mother anymore and won't bring her to the abortion clinic (which she was supposed to go to tomorrow) and she says the mother has to be there and then she had to hang up.

... my mom thinks T is a slut

I haven't told my mother about it because T asked me not to in the beginning and because my mom thinks T is a slut. She came right out and told me when I asked her during the summer after the drive-in that I described a few pages back. I'm afraid to tell mom because she is so biased and dad keeps saying he loves T but I have no idea how he would react.

T hasn't told her dad yet because she is afraid and her grandma that she's living with now, the mother of her dad, says she won't take her to the abortion clinic unless she tells her dad and her aunt said the same thing.

I think she should talk to her mom's mom because T's mom had her at 17.

Grownup Ann says,

T followed through with the abortion and her life continued on the stereotypical path you would expect.


  1. I am very much in the "women's bodies, women's choices" category but the very concept of abortion is just so, so sad to me.

    In 1981, I knew a girl who had had an abortion in high school. She had been a year ahead of me and I never even met her until a few years after graduation. She asked me if I would go with her to her High School Reunion though, as she was so convinced that everyone knew bout the abortion and would look down on her for it. I went. If anyone knew or remembered, there was no indication. She had a marvelous time. SO marvelous, in fact, that she picked up a guy she had always wanted to date in school and left with him. I ended up walking home.

    My point being that, to her it was everything five and more years later! But to her friends and fellow students, it was forgotten. Sigh...

  2. Sometimes we don't realize the deep internal scars are not always visible on the outside.

    But that was a totally awesome thing for you to do! Maybe she was able to adjust her state of mind a bit after that pleasant evening.

  3. What is "the stereotypical path you would expect"? I don't know what you mean.