Thursday, July 21, 2011

September 8, 1998 • College Dreaming


I had a dream about 3 nights ago.

I was at college signing up for something in a line and I look over and see Johnathan Brandis to my left in a hooded grey sweatshirt looking younger, not more mature like he is supposed to be right now.

He looks at me and smiles and gives me a hug and I say, "Do that again." I'm surprised of course and we have a conversation, I think, that I can't remember and I think to myself, "That went pretty well" We spend the night together wandering around campus and stuff and we have lots of fun.

...he's working his way down my neck and two campus security guys find us...

One thing I remember is that we're in the grass outside the dorms in an open park like place and were both on the ground making out or something and he's working his way down my neck and two campus security guys find us with a flashlight and the one with the flashlight is black. I don't know if that matters, and tells us we should better get to our rooms so they don't get into trouble because its past curfew, 2:00 am.

So we are surprised at how the time went by and we leave and make our way back to our separate dorms and I get back to my room and my roommate is all like, "where were you?" and I think to myself! "Its my first night at college and already I'm messing around. I'm going to have a hard time getting down to business." but I have the feeling I don't want to get down to business because I want to keep what I got with Brandis and not lose it because its something I've never had before.

Grownup Ann says,

You can see my worrywort side here. Excited about future possibilities and my abilities to juggle them.

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