Monday, June 27, 2011

July 13, 1997 • Part I • Man Hunting

For my 16th birthday, my friends and I went to the drive-in. We went to see a triple feature: Speed 2, Volcano, The Crucible.

We got there and we went man hunting. After circling them a few times and them circling us - we broke the ice and met Rich, Brian, and Wayne. Sara claimed Wayne. T claimed Brian. Jess and I claimed Rich, though he was more interested in Jess. Ella didn't get anyone.

We sat "with" them for the 1st movie at their car. T on Brian's lap, Sara on Wayne's lap, and I sat next to Rich's chair. Jess and Ella were talking together. At the end of the 1st movie, Jess had moved to the other side of me and I was wearing Rich's hat. T was wearing Brian's and Sara was wearing Wayne's.

For the second movie we moved in front of my mom's van and the seating was the same except Rich sat on the ground with Jess on one side and me on the other. That movie ended and he stayed for the 3rd one.

I stole one of the chairs because Rich was showing an interest in Jess. (At the beginning of the 2nd movie I was sitting in a stolen chair and Rich sat on my knee. You wouldn't believe how erotic that feels.)

He continues to talk and kiss Jess
so I tell myself I'm content with [rubbing] his back.

Seeing me in the chair, he comes over and sits on my knee again and Jess sits at our feet. This whole time Sara and T are messing around with Wayne and Brian. Rich talks with Jess and I'm left out so I begin to rub Rich's back, just a hand at the shoulder blade, through his wind jacket. He continues to talk and kiss Jess so I tell myself I'm content with his back. I begin to give him a back massage and then traveled over his stomach and chest through his windbreaker. Wayne then proceeded to tell me, "You rub loud." If you think about it, that could sound very interesting. This back massage lasted quite a while (3 hours).

To be continued...

Grownup Ann says,

I was content with his BACK while he is sitting on my knee kissing another girl!? Foreshadowing of adulthood...

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