Thursday, July 14, 2011

January 19, 1998 • Part I • Singing


I like Jay a lot. I asked him a few months ago to play piano for me in the variety show while I sang "Nobody Does It Better". He said yes and we practiced and I went to his house a few times to practice.

During the practice one night I asked him if he would go to the winter ball with me and he said he would think about it. I asked again later and he says he wants to go by himself and I understand because if you go with someone then you have to stay with them all night etc.

I told him I was going to go with a blind date then and he said if it was really bad he would cut in or something.

We did the variety show and it wasn't perfect but good even though my mic wasn't on.

I really want a boyfriend but I guess I will settle for a friend.

After the variety show a few days I called him and asked if he would go see Titanic with me and he said he had to ask because there would be a teenage driver but before he knew there was going to be a teenage driver he said, "I guess" He couldn't go with the teenage driver because his parents won't let him until he has his license and so he said he should get it in a few weeks and then we would go. I still have to bring him back the dress his mother lent me and mom says I should go over there to record the piano and me for grandma. I'm not sure if he likes me and the signs say "not as a girlfriend" I really want a boyfriend but I guess I will settle for a friend.

I went to see Titanic with Jess and Ruby. That is the saddest and best movie I have ever seen!

A few weeks before that I went to see "Tomorrow Never Dies" with Jess but we were going to see Titanic but it had already started and hour and a half ago. I love going out with just the girls.

Grownup Ann says,

I was interested in Jay because he appeared an easy target, not because I was really attracted to him.

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