Monday, July 25, 2011

September 20, 1998 • My Dream Man

A dream the night of 9.19.98 & the morning of 9.20.98

For some reason I am with my friends and a very attractive man/guy. Attractive at least to me. And we are just together and at the very beginning of forming a relationship. We just met. My friends seem to be trying to break us up and destroy the relationship and I think I know this because one of my "friends" told me so. I am very worried because I feel that we have a very very good thing going between us and I don't want it to disappear.

I'm with Sam and another friend and me and the man and the other friend has gone into a coma or something and I am some how responsible for it. I don't know if I brought him there or if he went into a coma and my "friends" are trying to make me believe I'm responsible.

Well, Sam gets sick too and the man, Mike, I think, gets pains around his ribs. I get all upset and Sam says its all my fault that everyone is getting sick and I know that Mike has to get to the hospital.

Its a very strong and sad and heartfelt hug.

Before he leaves I am really nervous that he will really think I did it and I am beside him and tell, mumble, am really nervous that I would never want anything bad to happen to him and I am on the verge of tears may  be over it and he is very sick but he understands and pulls me to him to give me a friendly and understanding kiss on the lips but it progresses to more kisses and we get a little bit more passionate but not much because I am so conscious of the others watching and that he is weak and sick.

We rub our tongues against each others lips but that's all and I move to hug him but he didn't expect it  and changes to hug me and kisses my hair and ear. Its a very strong and sad and heartfelt hug. I think I have a few tears and then he walks away to go to the hospital and I turn away sad with my feelings all very strong inside me of hope and love and lust and happiness and fear and I wipe off my mouth because for some reason his skin was covered with a white powder, that included his lips, and that's all I remember.

Grownup Ann says,

Pardon the run-on sentences but premonition is strong here. My subconscious knows the future! (or some twisted rendering of it, at least.)

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