Wednesday, August 24, 2011

September 26, 1998 • Part I • The Real Thing

First of all, this was not a dream. This is the real thing and a lot better even if as much doesn't happen.

First, I always seem to lose my train of thought around him. It could just be because I'm tired or something but I don't think so.

"John es guapo"

I met him through my brother's track team. Last Saturday I had, was forced, to take him to the park to work on John's community service project. I did not want to go but went and met John. Whoo Whee! My brother was right, he is cute.

After the work thing we were at home, my brother, sister and I, and talking about sex etc. and Bro calls up John. I told him he could, wasn't even really nervous. He called and left a message with John's mom and told her that I was "hot" for John and his mom got all excited and asked Bro "So, She liked what she saw!?"

John called back and I said, "So Bro told you, huh?" and on went the conversation to find out about his work and how he has no free time and so it would be hard for us to go somewhere together but he liked me.

So I had to bring Bro to the park again this Saturday and this week I was thinking about it and trying not to be obsessive but I think that I may be a bit because tonight I thought I saw John's features in Dad's face and could feel one of his facial expressions on my face like I'm taking up a few of his little nuances. But I digress.

He's so... handsome is the only way to put it.

I happened to let it slip in Spanish class Monday that I liked John to his best friend Kevin. I wrote, "John es guapo" on the board and he obviously hadn't known because of his reaction. Oops!

And then later in the week, Tues. or Wed, Alice tells me that she was on the phone with John and he had asked about me. I don't think I even told Alice that I liked him. I guess him and her are friends. Well that brought up my spirits.

Then I had to take Bro to a track meet Thursday night and saw John when I dropped him off and when I came to pick him up. I walked with John to the car side by side and he overwhelmed me. He's so... handsome is the only way to put it. He has a beautiful face. I liked the feeling of walking next to him. He even asked me after I had already told him last Sat. if I was coming this Sat. So I guess he was looking forward to it. He looked so so so good when he got out of his car to go to the meet.

To be continued...

Grownup Ann says,

The real thing is right! I knew what I was talking about... and apparently what I was dreaming too.

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