Monday, September 5, 2011

February 5, 1999 • Naked Dreams

I had a dream the night of Feb, 4th. I can't remember a lot of it like usual.

All I remember is that I'm in a cowboy camp with John. He's fully dressed and as handsome as ever.

We are a ways away from the fire and it's night. He's wearing a cowboy hat & boots and I'm within the circle of his body. I'm not sure of the exact position but something like a curled up cat. I'm totally naked and don't really mind that much but am a bit cold so my jean shirt gets drapped over me.

That's it.

Grownup Ann says,

This is significant, since I was not comfortable with my naked body AT ALL. I'm a little better now that I'm older. Aged wine and all that.

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